We join the dots... Town Centres are highly fragmented 'organisms' - typically hundreds of businesses and landlords, tens of thousands of residents and dozens of council officers. 

Fundamental to success is to align these stakeholders through a process of:

The textbooks call it 'strategic process and organisational development'. These are two sides of the same coin and in our view one with out the other adds up to not a lot.

This is a process of exploration and evaluation of the possibilities with client groups and wider interests to search for and agree on an ambitious yet achievable vision of the future. It is a combination of building on what is already there and looking at success stories from elsewhere. To help us with this we use a number of strategy and brand models from the business and retail world, drawing on our past experience at international retail branding consultants 2020

This culminates in an agreed statement capturing the purpose, vision and values of a place, the strategic thrust (ie competition context - or 'how do we beat the internet and out of town shopping') and a set of time-phased objectives that all of the core stakeholders can get behind.

With ideas and objectives agreed, the challenge of actually delivering them by engaging and enabling the wider stakeholder groups essential to their delivery becomes urgent. With the complex mix of interests in high street and town centre locations there is rarely a single partnership model that is capable of engaging and enabling all of the stakeholder groups (Paddington Waterside Partnership is a good example of this).

In our experience organisational development breaks down into three core elements: