Patchway, Bristol - Town Centre 'Retrofit'

In 2013 Patchway Town Council approached TownCentred to find out about a a greening project they had seen and wished to replicate (a series of planters and benches) - by the end of the meeting the seeds had been sewn for the pursuit of a much bolder vision, to reclaim the land made available as the result of a newly defunct adjacent dual carriageway and create a vision for a new expanded town (village) centre with more shops, services, excellent transport provision and over £20m of residential development.

Within one year a Town Centre Vision document had been agreed between the stakeholders, been through a process of consultation with the local population and supported by the planning authority (South Gloucestershire). 

TownCentred led on many aspects of the written strategy to inform the design team. Core elements produced included:

To see the full Vision document please click here.