Significant action on high streets and town centres is impossible without engaging the multi-layered interest groups. We provide a range of partnership approaches across core groups in town centres and high streets.


The ease with which these groups can be engaged varies greatly - as summarised by the simple traffic light diagram adjacent. 

● Shops and office occupiers are relatively easy to engage through BID (Business Improvement Districts) a powerful collaborative and democratic tool backed by legislation.

● Local authorities’ have very siginficant powers however are extremely under-resourced currently, thus unless high streets and town centres become a priority progress will be mixed at best.

● Landlords are arguably the most difficult to engage and organise given the highly fragmented patterns of ownership and absence (usually) from the locality. However when they are engaged properly, results can be stunning (eg Paddington, Marylebone High Street).   

● Residents have growing powers (through the localism agenda) however are desperately under-resourced.