Town Teams

Town Teams as a concept have not been tightly defined. Extracting from the Portas Review: 

"... a Town Team could include key landlords, large 

and small shopkeepers, council representatives with 

specific knowledge of planning and development, 

the mayor or MP, other local businesses and service 

providers, and local residents". 

Towns and high streets wishing to be pilots need to put together a compelling bid by 30th June 2012 that includes the usual written submission plus more interestingly a video that sets out:

This is our area of narrow expertise - having recently won in the first round of Town Teams with Bedminster - see our video application for 'Bedminster Town Team' on Youtube. 

Policy is swaying towards high streets and town centres however there are literally thousands of approaches to turn them around and future proof them. Please see our A-Z of ideas for the high street and Partnerships approaches.