North Somerset Council is committed to taking Weston into the future with confidence, delivering the quality and critical mass of development required to make a real change to the town centre and attracting a wider demographic to stay in and move to the town centre. A significant growth in residential development will sustain the vitality of the town centre with thriving retail, leisure and cultural facilities.

The framework sets the context for the regeneration and redevelopment of the town centre. It is the spatial expression of North Somerset Council’s (NSC) aspirations for the town centre that will underpin the Town Centre Regeneration Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The framework establishes the physical structure within which development and regeneration will take place. It is a qualitative tool that helps decision makers and development managers to determine whether development proposals help specific parts of the town ‘perform’ as required and thus achieve the regeneration and development aims.

The framework sets out a number of key moves to strengthen and reinforce the positive character and identity of the town centre, removes barriers to investment and identifies the spatial infrastructure required to deliver development, infrastructure enabling projects and other potential future investment opportunities that together will deliver the vision for Weston set out in the Prospectus for Change.

TownCentred role as part of a multi disciplinary team included